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About us

We are a professional team of experienced gambling players. For more than 8 years, our team has been successfully developing and applying analytical systems and artificial intelligence systems for games in online casinos, as well as in online sports betting. We have developed over 250 algorithms and automated gaming bots for 87 gambling sites.

Each of our algorithms and game bots undergoes special testing for up to one year. Our clients and partners use only proven and reliable tools, which reduces the risk of losing funds to almost zero.

Our platform presents investment plans of various types and each investor will be able to find the one that is right for him. We have plans with fixed income and daily payouts, as well as plans with a payout after the end of the period with floating income. For plans with a payout after the end of the period, the offer indicates the maximum percentage profit from a particular plan for a certain period. In case of blocking our account on the site of an online casino or broker, we guarantee a refund of up to 100% of the amount of your deposit.

You can make deposits in any way convenient for you - ePayCore; Tether TRC-20; Tron; Bitcoin; Litecoin; Ethereum. Registration and conclusion of contracts are not required to open a deposit. All payouts are made automatically Monday through Friday around 10am UK time.

You can also become our partner and attract investors to our platform. You will receive from 5% to 20% of the deposit amount of the investor you attracted.

We will be glad to cooperate with you!

TOP10 Questions to our support & Answers

How to register?
Registration is required only for the affiliate program. Registration is not required to open a deposit. To make a new deposit, go to the "Make deposit" menu item. To register in the affiliate program, go to the "Affiliates" menu item.
When and how to get payout?
Payouts are made automatically from Monday to Friday around 10 am UK time zone. Time deviation can be +/- 3 hours. Payment is made to the wallet / crypto address specified when making a deposit or, in the case of an affiliate program, to those specified during registration.
Can I deposit less than the minimum for WB.A1-A90 plans?
Yes, it is possible. To make a deposit to the WB.A1-A90 plans for any amount (from $100), you need to have active deposits of $95,000 or more in any of the WB.Start, WB.Elite and/or WB.Profi plans.
How many deposits can I make?
The number of deposits is not limited. The amount of each deposit can be between a minimum (L, lower) and a maximum (H, higher) amount, depending on the plan you choose.
I did not receive a deposit activation message. What to do?
Activation of deposits occurs within 24 hours from the moment funds are received on our wallets. If after 24 hours after paying the deposit you still have not received a message, then check your spam folder, the message may have ended up there. If it is not in spam, then write to us in support.
Can I make new deposits on weekends and holidays?
Yes, deposits are accepted any day. The maximum activation time for your deposit, regardless of the day of the week and holidays, takes up to 24 hours.
Can I invite relatives through the referral program if they have the same IP?
Yes, you can invite your relatives, friends and acquaintances through the referral program, even if they have the same IP.
Why can't I see the users I invited in the affiliate account?
Only users with active deposits are displayed in the list of partners. After activating the deposit, information about the user you invited will be immediately displayed.
How to get paid from the affiliate program?
Payment under the affiliate program is made in the same way as for accruals for deposits - from Monday to Friday, regardless of holidays. In rare cases, affiliate accruals can be paid on weekends.
Do I have to be upline to make a deposit or receive a payout?
It's not obligatory. You can make deposits and receive payouts without having an upline.


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